You have questions.

We have answers. It's all about getting connected.
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Find people in common

Wondering how to set up a social monitoring stream? Wondering what is a good workflow and how to set it up? We get together to provide insight on best practices.
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Have a cup of coffee on us!

Sometimes, just getting together to hear what others have to say about Hubspot is valuable enough. They are not just in Boston anymore! 
Are you looking for answers? Need help with strategy or the software? We hope you can join one of our online communities or can come by to a live event. 

Oscar Quioga Lingocentral, LLC

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Questions really do matter here.

If you you're stumped about where you are in your journey, chances are, someone else has been there and done that! Learn before you make costly mistakes and ask a new friend!
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We hope you'll love it!

HUG groups were developed to get you connected and to foster working relationships with other Hubspot users in the area. Not a Hubspot user? No worries! This is the best place to ask those questions before you decide. 
Finally, a place to meet face-to-face with users and leadership of Hubspot. A tremendous value to the marketing and business community.

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