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22 Ways to Find Prospects and Increase Sales Performance

[fa icon="calendar"] Jul 28, 2016 12:56:44 PM / by Oscar Quiroga


So by now you probably already know the first step for any sales platform is prospecting. 

It's even more important to keep a continuous flow of prospects going to your sales team as the churn rate in our economy increases. 

Back in the day 'cold-calling' was the way to go about doing this, but now people don't like the idea of strangers coming into their building and asking for business. I for one agree with this.

So what strategies are best for our ever-changing market? Well thanks to Deborah Shane, we have 22 ways to go about it!

According to her "Prospecting is about ONLINE AND OFFLINE relationships and trust building. It should be about giving people “reasons to buy” as opposed to selling them something."

So here are 22 ways that Deborah Shane suggests to increase your flow of prospects


  • Chambers

  • Networking Group

  • Professional Organizations

  • Websites

  • Blogs

  • Social Media

  • Article Marketing

  • Internet Radio

  • Volunteering

  • Pro-Bono

  • Referrals

  • Sponsorships

  • Events

  • Email Marketing

  • Keynote Speaking

  • Webinars

  • Teleseminars

  • Workshops

  • Traditional Media

  • Neighborhood Community

  • Faith Community

  • Business Community

You should notice a trend in all these forms of putting yourself out there, a lot of them focusing on building relationships.

People don't like having products or services pushed on them without being familiar with who you are.

I mean, c'mon, we can all agree it's pretty annoying.

So on top of these 22 ways to find prospects, you should make sure your sales team are sharp on their relationship building skills.

They have to be able to get customers to like and respect them or else all your attempts will go down the drain.


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Oscar Quiroga

Written by Oscar Quiroga

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