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5 Things I Learned From Our April HUG Event

[fa icon="calendar"] Apr 21, 2015 1:52:00 PM / by Oscar Quiroga


As I sit in a Denver hotel at a conference and recap the events from last week, I begin to sum up the things that I took away from our recent HUG activity. My wife and I had the pleasure to host and entertain a distinguished guest from Boston, MA - Chris LoDolce. We were also fortunate to work with 2 groups that impacted our development of learning and sharing: 1) Our own HUG group and 2) Tulsa AMA.

I wasn't sure what the event would result in or my interaction with our new guest. What resulted were these 5 things that sculpted an awareness of where inbound marketing sits in today's world and what it can do to impact business and humanity.


1. Connections - If you are a marketer or do your own marketing in your business the hardest part of getting your ideas to flourish is connecting to your audience. This week, we dove into Buyer Personas and the Buyers Journey. What I found was that it is a never ending process and development because our connections change over time and need constant monitoring to engage the right people with our brand.

2. Bring down boundaries - Sometimes we build up walls if we are in print advertising and someone we meet is in social media marketing and that's too bad. Really, we have to be open to the ideas of creativity and strategy and that in some cases one particular form of promotion may be another's weak point and at some point, collaboration could be the key to success. 

3. Build peer workgroups - The best response I heard from this weekend was the value of peer workgroups - like the HUG group. Hubspot started this idea - not me (disclaimer!) What ended up happening at our HUG group was a breakdown of the concept of Buyer Personas and the Buyers Journey. From there, as we broke into our separate groups, the comparison of struggles and success stories and suggestions made it apparent that we don't always get this feedback from complete strangers. In fact, many of us came from distinct backgrounds making insights even more valuable. 

4. Foster understanding - The AMA luncheon was an overview presentation of the Inbound Methodology put on by Chris LoDolce (a very fine job I might add!). Many who were there knew of inbound marketing but commented on things in the presentation that made more sense than they had eluded to understanding. To be able to express new or old ideologies and methods should happen periodically to understand how marketing changes so quickly. Being aware of this is key to being a better marketer altogether.

5. Create new beginnings - Lastly, it was a week of new beginnings. I think for the AMA luncheon, members were exposed to a new concept and a new way of interacting in small groups. For the HUG members, it was a new beginning in meeting others that practiced or try to integrate inbound marketing in their own jobs. As for me, it was a beginning of knowing new people and developing meaningful relationships that can alter the marketing perspectives for growth.

To sum it up, I was extremely proud to have met everyone and collaborate with ideas and methods of inbound. I made a new friend in Chris as his experience and knowledge in inbound marketing was an invaluable part of our work together. I can't wait to start planning our next group and topic to rekindle where we left off. Thanks again to everyone that was able to come and participate. Happy Hubspotting!




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Oscar Quiroga

Written by Oscar Quiroga

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