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6 Steps To Building A Working Newsletter Campaign

[fa icon="calendar"] Aug 5, 2015 10:05:00 AM / by Oscar Quiroga


For an active subscriber base, there's no better way to improve subscriber conversion than by testing your content. Rather than "solo" emails, subscribers will also engage with newsletters. Yet, there are many ways to start one - but just which type of newsletter is going to work the best?

Getting Started

There are many dull and uninspiring email newsletters out there!  Their value is compromised if not developed properly and they end up getting deleted. To avoid that, we have a few tips that will ensure your email newsletter brings the engagement you are looking for!

Step 1: Identify your goal

Not every newsletter has the same purpose. They are not all trying to convert or deliver leads. Be sure you know your company marketing goals and how a newsletter will fit into those plans. Here are a few examples of some newsletter goals:

  • Keep people informed
  • Send traffic to your website
  • Generate leads
  • Better qualify leads to speak with sales
  • Close more deals
  • Maintain relationships 

Step 2: Determine how often the newsletter will go out

If your company is consistently creating email and promoting that content through email, you might want to consider how this will affect your Buyer Persona. Strike a balance between being too spammy and staying "top of mind" to your subscribers. 

Step 3: Keep building a subscriber base

Subscribers are those that raised their hand to receiving your content but not everyone is an ideal target for your newsletter. To keep from experiencing unsubscriber rates from your newsletter make sure your target list matches the goal of the newsletter. Build out a strong enough list that will keep from losing the interest of your target audience. Additionally, you may also want to implement a smart list that can identify which of your subscribers match behaviors in the target list you are building. For instance, if you want to promote a new product and are unsure your new newsletter is going to the right people, build a smart list that identifies which of your subscribers filled out a form or clicked on a link that says they are interested in new products you are promoting.

Step 4: Collect your content resources

Now it's time to start building your newsletter! Start with your own blogs, social media posts, or internal training documents, for example. Make sure you stay on the topic goal. If you are light on content, sign up for other popular or interesting blogs (like this one!) and curate some of the articles you find match your newsletter interests.

Step 5: Build your email template

Much like web design, your content needs a working frame or structure in where to live in. Sketch out the layout of your newsletter or use other newsletters that you follow and like as inspiration. In your Hubspot portal, there are over 20 templates to chose from, so you can't go wrong or you can create one of your own. If all else fails and you want some designer flair, go to the Template Marketplace and find one you like there as well!

Step 6: Create and send your email

Once you decided on your template and installed it as your template of choice, begin writing! Be sure to pick the right distribution list you want the newsletter to go to and you're set!

I hope you enjoyed these tips for creating your email newsletter. Don't forget to measure your results and modify as needed to tweak your desired outcomes. For more help on setting up your newsletter, we suggest you try the Do Projects section of the Academy page in Hubspot.

Do you have some examples of other newsltters you have done? Leave your comment below and share! Happy Hubspotting!


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Oscar Quiroga

Written by Oscar Quiroga

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