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How Tulsa HUG Can Give Back - They ask, You answer!

[fa icon="calendar"] Feb 8, 2017 10:31:16 AM / by Oscar Quiroga


Happy 2017! We hope you are acting on those new year resolutions for 2017. This year, I want to suggest a new format to collaboration. 

We all have questions from time to time. The landscape of marketing and sales is tricky and often challenging. So, I want to ask for your help in 2 ways. 

1. Asking Questions



Like most marketers, we are wired to ask "why". Each week, I will be sending a weekly email to ask for your direct replies on what challenges you have with inbound marketing and sales. NO QUESTION is a bad question....only the question not asked. (Pretty good, huh?)

But who has time to hunt down answers ALL the time. So let's throw it out there to the group!

2. Answering Questions

In the best fashion of Marcus Sheridan and They ask, You answer (if you haven't yet, check out his book! I am reading it now!)...I am asking for you, the Tulsa HUG community, to help a fellow marketer, sales professional, or business owner out. (and no, that's not me!)

Here is how it's going to work

Each week, I will throw out an email like this, asking the community contribute a question on what can be challenging them or questions they have about digital marketing, hubspot, content, social media, sales, crm's, whatever! (Heck, I will be the first to contribute!)

Your question reflects what many people struggle with and honestly, sometime hunting down the answer takes more time than solving the problem. Am I right?

So, with each week I will be collecting questions. If you want to answer these question AND/OR be recognized in a weekly blog post and audio blog that I will produce from all of this content, then please participate.

Additionally, if you want to respond to the question as a blog author and write your own blog on our site, please let me know!

For this to work, we need panelists. If you want to be a panelist to answer questions for the Tulsa HUG community, please join our slack channel. I will have a dedicated channel for #Youask,Theyanswer! 

Are you in?

If so, just reply to this email stating your interest to join the Tulsa HUG #TheyaskYouAnswer community slack channel and get promoted for your saaviness and "know-how" in digital marketing and sales. I will send you the invitation link to get started!


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Oscar Quiroga

Written by Oscar Quiroga

Oscar lives and works in Bixby, OK with his wife and 6 children. He is an avid soccer fan, loves to play his guitar and sing, enjoys experimenting in the kitchen, and is inspired by creativity and creative people.