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Cooking for search: How PPC and Inbound Marketing Mix for a yummy meal!

[fa icon="calendar"] Apr 8, 2015 1:35:00 PM / by Oscar Quiroga


Just in case any of you that follow my blogs were wondering - I like to cook. My wife says I am pretty good at it and because I don't know how to take a complement - I agree. In reality, I think I am good enough to keep from food getting burnt!

I started thinking about the components of pay-per-click advertising (PPC) and comparing that to what I love to do - inbound marketing. They are 2 very distinct animals but they are not like water and oil. They can combine to bring some pretty good exposure to a business value if you use them right - kind of like a good chef. 

Most really good chefs know a volume of what spices go together and what will happen when you expose a spice on a food to heat, cold water, boiling water, deep fry, etc. A good marketer takes time to understand the same thing - how can PPC be effective on its own and how it can be effective with other marketing activities. 

So here is the menu I put together for tonight:


AdWords Fondue: Adwords is a delightful mix of Google SEO and keyphrase lit in a pot of wonderful price point metrics. Be sure to focus on your keywords. Do your research knowing that when you launch the campaign, Google will be specific to only one thing - your keyphrase.

Main Course:

PPC and Inbound Surprise: These two powerful ingredients combine to make a great campaign! PPC brings a sharp flavor of fortified metrics that can launch your taste buds into orbit depending on the time of day! Whereas Inbound is a potent mix of organic meat and potatoes. The aromas draw you in with succulent landing pages and CTA's on the side!


QL Pudding: Yes and to top it off try a mouthful of Qualified Leads! You can you see the blends of informed subscribers melting in rich content as they slide warmfully down the sales funnel to convert into your stomach.

With all crazy metaphors aside, I end this blog with these words of advice. If you want your PPC campaign to exist decide what your goal is. PPC and inbound marketing activities are most effective for launching new products or offers and to test keyphrases and search behaviors. Inbound marketing can accompany the PPC campaign and even tie into the data that you get. That way your content can follow the findings for a more qualified lead in your funnel. Bon appetit! 



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Oscar Quiroga

Written by Oscar Quiroga

Oscar lives and works in Bixby, OK with his wife and 6 children. He is an avid soccer fan, loves to play his guitar and sing, enjoys experimenting in the kitchen, and is inspired by creativity and creative people.