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Research Shows How To Smash High Bounce Rates On Websites[Infographic]

[fa icon="calendar"] Aug 11, 2016 2:42:31 PM / by Oscar Quiroga


Website traffic can be a very dodgy target to measure and interpret. What consitutes a "low bounce rate" and why does it matter? These can perplex even the most seasoned web designer and leave one asking does it really even matter much?

According to Google Analytics, the bounce rate is simply the percentage of users who only visit one page on your website and then leave (aka single page viewers). You should worry about these users because that means that your website's user experience is probably not engaging or responsive.

The key to creating a website with a low bounce rate is to enhance the user experience. This means more attractive content, clever CTAs, and landing pages that are informative and have a lot of whitespace. 

You shouldn't ignore bounce rates, especially if the purpose of your site is to sell! High bounce rates can be very dangerous for your company!

Lucky for you, QuickSprout has created an amazing infographic for all of those with high bounce rates on their websites in order to inform them on how to reduce it using the results from various case studies. 


Hopefully this infographic was informative! If you follow this guide, then you can say goodbye to high bounce rates on websites!

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Oscar Quiroga

Written by Oscar Quiroga

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