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How Generating Leads Online Can Improve With Targeted CTA's

[fa icon="calendar"] Jul 15, 2016 12:43:42 PM / by Oscar Quiroga


According to, consumers spend just under 4 minutes on any web session. On the other hand, Monetate says that typical conversion rates lie between 1 and 5 percent. What this implies is that you have very little time to leave an impression on a web visitor. We know that you are a hardworking business owner or marketing team. We also know that your product descriptions and press releases are exceptional. But have you ever thought about the competition? 

Calls to Action (CTAs)

Have you ever thought what your direct competition is doing to win sales off you? Believe it or not, it could all be hidden in their Calls to Action (CTAs)!

According to Harvard Business Review, the digital economy requires businesses to provide some form of guidance to customers. We are all aware of the enormous distractions on the web. Today's consumers are constantly bombarded with information and options, leaving them struggling to identify the products and services that would best meet their needs.

In the midst of all the noise, you can stand out by selling yourself as the best alternative. All you need is an excellent, personalized CTA.

HubSpot says that personalized Calls to Action yield a 42 percent higher view-to-submission rate than ordinary CTAs. The study was carried over a 12-month period and involved the analysis of more than 93,000 CTAs.

How Can Personalized CTAs Turn the Scale in Your Favor?

Highly personalized offers are generally known to provide guidance. That is their main job. If a consumer has been thinking about filing their taxes, you can tell them "file your taxes today" to help them see the urgency of filing sooner rather than waiting to do so at a later date.

There are 2 main ways through personalized CTAs can help you win over customers;

1. Time-Sensitive Offers Increase Immediate Relevance

The best way to look at this is to picture our taxpayer who is not decided on when to file their returns. If the deadline for filing is April 15, this taxpayer might be content with waiting until around April 10th before filing. But if you use a CTA such as "File today to avoid deadline day drama," then this taxpayer might see some sense in filing early.

The same applies everywhere else. Major events will always push people into a buying frenzy. You should take advantage of this by personalizing your CTAs to show customers that they could miss out on potential value if they don't take action immediately. Exit-intent, time-sensitive, personalized CTAs can increase conversion rates by up to 10 percent.

2. CTAs Targeting Particular User Profiles are More Appealing

Personalization essentially means connecting with your customers at a personal level. You need to prove to them that you know them well and that you fully understand their needs. Only then can you convince them that you can indeed be of help.

For example, Payoneer, one of world's largest online payment platforms usually invites guest bloggers to post on the company's blog. What Payoneer do after that is to follow up with a CTA that exactly matches the reader's profile. If the guest post was on Freelance Writing, the CTA that pops up could read;

"Are you a blogger, a freelance writer, or an editor who earns money online? Discover a faster, cheaper, and easier way to get paid."

Studies show that such CTAs can increase conversion rates by as much as 68.7 percent.

Personalize your CTAs in three simple steps

Below we discuss three simple steps that you can use to start personalizing your CTAs today.

Some people may start by offering free whitepapers while others may offer shopping vouchers. It all depends on your industry and what your customers expect of you.

And this is where personalization comes in. You should know your customers so well that you can easily pick what offers they will warm up to. Normally, this also depends on the position of the customer on the buying curve.

For example, millenials prefer video series to whitepapers. But boomers enjoy whitepapers. So, if your audience comprises both, then you need to think about that. Is it possible to provide the same information in more than one format? Of course, yes.

Some of the most common offers to select from depending on your situation include a free consultation, a free trial product, a free whitepaper, a webinar, etc.

Personalize the Button Copy

This is where you need to be very keen. A CTA must always be clear. Whatever words you choose to use, ensure that they communicate the value proposition perfectly.

On Buffer, they have a CTA that no one can beat. Written in white on a sky-blue background, their CTA is easy to see but the words are what make it stand out. Since buffer allows consumers to schedule social media posts, their CTA is based around that. This time they were promoting a free offer. They start by saying;

"Buffer is the easiest way to save time on social media. Simplify your social routine by scheduling posts?" Then the CTA reads; "Start scheduling posts on social media"

The best CTAs use a lot of verbs to bring the personal touch. More importantly, use action rather than passive verbs.

Finally, you also need to personalize the design. Design can be a bit challenging because you need to choose the right colors for the text and match it with a suitable background. Apart from color, design also deals with placement and sizing.

3 Simple Rules When Personalizing CTA Design

  1. Color: There is no one right color. Simply choose a color that contrasts to the rest of the page. Keep your brand colors in mind.
  2. Placement: Placement is even more difficult. While the bottom right or left and the center of the page are the most common placement positions, they are not the only places you can use. We advise that you read more on this.
  3. Sizing: Button size is a huge deal. Sometimes larger buttons get better results. But then you also have to think about mobile devices. To cut the long story short, make your CTA buttons as obvious as you can.

Now that you have learned how to create personalized CTAs, why not get to work and try to see how much more clicks your new CTA get.

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